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Are you checking out other websites to find out how to write your terms and conditions and privacy policies?

Are you hoping nobody will steal your content or are you concerned about somebody using your trademark?

Do you have the legal side of your business taken care of at all?

Crescendo Legal is a boutique law firm run by Nicole Schaefer, an Oregon Trademark and Small Business attorney. Crescendo Legal partners with freelancers, authors, fashion and interior designers, podcasters, consultants and coaches, musicians, artists, beauty industry insiders, entrepreneurs, and photographers (among many other creative business owners) to protect their assets and make sure they have excellent contracts in place. Crescendo Legal is also the first firm in the nation to offer sliding-scale services to creative business owners based on national poverty guidelines.

Crescendo Legal is about prevention. Having legal safeguards in place deters others from imitating your business.

If you are like most entrepreneurs and business owners, you wear many hats, including doing your own social media marketing. It’s amazing how many people you can reach with social media, but it also means your content is out there for anyone to steal. Crescendo Legal helps you protect what you’ve worked hard for- your business.

Crescendo Legal

How does Crescendo Legal help you protect your brand?

Copyrights and Trademarks

Are you ready to protect your brand and the content you create? Crescendo Legal can file the proper documentation to trademark and copyright your intellectual property and creative works so that imitators receive a cease and desist letter.

Business Formation

Forming and registering a business gives you protection. It provides a wall between your business and your personal assets. Crescendo Legal can help you choose the right business entity to suit your needs and register your business quickly and efficiently. Crescendo Legal can even give you an awesome corporate binder to keep track of everything!

Work with Crescendo Legal

Crescendo Legal is a virtual law office run by an Oregon trademark and small business attorney. Essentially, you don’t have to drive to an office and we can communicate easily through an online medium, such as email, Skype, or a secure online client portal. You can even pay your legal fees online. Operating a virtual office allows Nicole to communicate with you quickly during work hours and keep overhead low. This allows Nicole to charge less in legal fees than other attorneys.

Meet Your Attorney

Nicole Schaefer

Crescendo Legal | Nicole Schaefer

My Mission and Goal For You

Hello! I am Nicole Schaefer, an Oregon attorney who loves working with creative business owners and content creators to ensure protection of your brand and content.

As a small business owner myself, I know what it’s like out there. I do everything for my business- marketing, answering phone calls, doing the legal stuff, etc. I don’t do accounting though. I know my weaknesses (also I went to law school so I wouldn’t have to do math).

As business owners, we have so much to think about. That’s why my goal is to prevent issues before they occur. Putting off getting contracts in place, registering your business, or protecting your intellectual property can turn into a big problem. It’s also something you shouldn’t have to worry about. You should be focusing on your business.

My number one goal is to make all this legal stuff easy to understand. After you retain me, I will guide you through protecting your brand (trademark), what you create (copyright), and your business assets (business formations and contracts).

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