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Nicole Schaefer

Oregon Trademark and Small Business Attorney

Crescendo Legal | Nicole Schaefer

My Mission and Goal For You

Hello! I am Nicole Schaefer, an Oregon attorney who loves working with creative business owners and content creators to ensure protection of your brand and content. As a small business owner myself, I know what it’s like out there. I do everything for my business- marketing, answering phone calls, doing the legal stuff, etc. I don’t do accounting though. I know my weaknesses (also I went to law school so I wouldn’t have to do math). As business owners, we have so much to think about. That’s why my goal is to prevent issues before they occur. Putting off getting contracts in place, registering your business, or protecting your intellectual property can turn into a big problem. It’s also something you shouldn’t have to worry about. You should be focusing on your business. My number one goal is to make all this legal stuff easy to understand. After you retain me, I will guide you through protecting your brand (trademark), what you create (copyright), and your business assets (business formations and contracts).


My Qualifications

I grew up in Los Angeles, the daughter of a single mother. When I was 10, we moved up to Oregon. I graduated from Scripps College in 2008. I graduated from Lewis and Clark Law School in 2014 with Certificates in Animal Law and Criminal Law and passed the bar in 2015. After working for several firms, I realized I preferred to be my own boss (although sometimes I can be tough!). Now I own two law firms- Crescendo Legal and Yellow Dog Legal. I also sell stuff on Etsy. In my spare time, I dance, run, do barre, watch comedy, perform comedy, write sketches, and do trivia (seriously, I’m a Quizmaster with Geeks Who Drink).

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