Art Law involves many different aspects of law, including intellectual property, contract law, constitutional law, tort law, tax law, commercial law, and international law. Art Law is focused solely on visual arts. Often Art Law may be as simple as representing an artist who is selling a painting to a gallery. As an Art lawyer, I advise artists on a variety of matters, including: First Amendment rights, copyright and trademark, moral rights, resale royalty rights, and statutory artist protections.

My clients include private collectors, private art foundations, artists, artist foundations, museums, galleries, and/or art dealers, who seek advice relating to the creation, destruction, purchase, sale, consignment, auction, movement, ownership, financing, loan, authentication, export/import, display, reproduction, insurance, taxation, storage, charitable gifting, and/or theft, restitution, , and recovery, of fine art.

  Visual Artists

Legal advice for sculptors, painters, and other artists. Copyright registration. Licensing for reproduction and other rights. Contract drafting, review, and negotiation for sales of art.

  Graphic Designers

Business formation. Employee and independent contractor/work-for-hire agreements. Copyright and trademark protection and licensing.


Contract drafting, review, and negotiation. Copyright registrations and trademark applications. Licensing of illustration rights.

  Art Therapists

copyrights, employment contracts, business registration.

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