Estate planning is important at any stage of life. Estate plans routinely include some of the following documents:

  • Wills
  • Revocable Trusts (aka Living Trusts)
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directives
  • Nominations of Guardian/Conservator
  • Premarital Agreements
  • Domestic Partnership Agreements
  • Pet Trusts

In addition, estate planning often includes Probate, depending on the amount and type of property involved. Thus, Nicole also helps her clients with this process, ensuring that it goes smoothly and that all deadlines and procedures are properly met.

Crescendo Legal keeps costs low for estate planning clients by doing everything online.

Prices for various estate planning services:

Basic Estate Planning


Living Will

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Financial Power of Attorney

Individual - $895
Couple - $995
Basic Estate Planning
+ Testamentary Trust

Individual - $1,575
Couple - $1,730

Basic Trust-Based Plan

everything in Basic Estate Planning

Custom Revocable Living Trust

Temporary Guardianship Agreement (if there are minor children)

Individual - $1,890
Couple - $2,100

Advanced Estate Planning

everything in Basic Trust- Based Plan

Advanced Estate Planning Documents (examples include: Special Needs Trusts, Buy-Sell Agreements, Family LLCs, etc.)

Individual - $2,625
Couple - $3,045

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The Life Program

In addition to the above packages, Crescendo Law is proud to offer a special program—the first of it’s kind in Oregon—The Life Program. What is the Life Program? Put simply, for a small monthly fee, you get your own personal lawyer to help you with all your estate planning needs as they arise and for a reduced cost. For example, if a young couple joins the Life Program, they might want a will and then decide they want to change that will after they have children. Not a problem. Plus, you get unlimited phone calls and emails with your attorney as long as you are in the program. You can cancel anytime with no penalties or charges.

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What's the difference between a "will" and a "trust"?

I hear this question often.

A revocable living trust is a trust that is established during your lifetime. You would be the Trustor- the person who creates the trust and transfers assets into trust ownership. The trust would also have a Trustee responsible for managing assets owned by the trust. You can act as your own Trustee or have a close family member or friend serve. Lastly, the trust has beneficiaries. You would likely be the lifetime beneficiary of your trust. One benefit of a living trust is that your family can avoid probate on assets included in the trust, such as your home.

A will is created by the testator and controls the distribution of probate assets in the decedent’s estate. The will also appoints a personal representative to be in charge of the probate estate.

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What is a Pet Trust?

A Pet Trust is something few people have heard of, but is extremely important. Basically, if you die before your beloved pet, do you have any provisions in place for their care and well-being? Who is going to take Fluffy to the vet? Who will make sure your pet is not just dumped at a shelter upon your death?

A Pet Trust ensures that your pet is taken care of by someone you trust and that the care-taker is allocated proper funds to care for your pet as you did. Many pets are dumped in shelters after their owner’s deaths. It is sad, but true. If you love your pet, take care of them even after your death.

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