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Pet Trusts: Why a Will Isn't Enough to Protect Your Pets

People love their pets. A lot. I get it, believe me. My cat has me wrapped around her paw and my dogs are my best friends. I also know that a lot of people worry about what will happen to their pets in the event they should become disabled or when they die. These people […]

Estate Planning

Estate planning is important at any stage of life. Estate plans routinely include some of the following documents:WillsRevocable Trusts (aka Living Trusts)Irrevocable TrustsDurable Powers of AttorneyHealthcare DirectivesNominations of Guardian/ConservatorPremarital AgreementsDomestic Partnership AgreementsPet TrustsIn addition, estate planning often includes Probate, depending on the amount and type of property involved. Thus, Nicole also helps her clients with […]

Get those licenses: The importance of using music legally and why Peloton is now being sued.

Peloton, the popular stationary bike maker, is in hot water.Why?According to music publishers, Peloton used over 1,000 musical works without permission. Basically, Peloton was engaging in copyright infringement and many musical artists were losing out on income.This infringement means that Peloton is now facing a $150 million dollar lawsuit. Yes, you read that correctly. Peloton […]

28 Must-Have Provisions for Your Artist-Gallery Agreement

Many artists and galleries think that oral agreements are enough to protect them. However, it is always a good idea to have an extensive written agreement in case things don’t turn out the way you anticipated. That’s why both parties should include these 30 provisions in any agreement.Contracting Parties: Make sure you indicate what happens […]

All About Copyrights

Don’t think you need a copyright? Think again. Copyrights are incredibly important, especially if you are involved in music. If you have recorded something or created a musical work, get a copyright to protect yourself. But how do you know if a copyright is what you need? Well, here are the requirements to get a […]