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Using Google or LegalZoom for your contracts can be dangerous.

Contracts are the backbone of your business. You may be a creative, but you are still a business owner. It’s time to protect yourself.

Crescendo Legal | Contract drafting process

Contract drafting process

Contracts start at $500

The contract drafting process with Crescendo Legal is simple.

  1. Initial consultation to figure out your specific needs.
  2. Draft initial contract.
  3. Send draft to you for review and consult to discuss any changes.
  4. Edit as needed to finalize contract draft.
  5. You will review the contract for final approval.

Contracts that Crescendo Legal drafts (not a complete list):

Want an easy to use, already drafted contract? Check out my shop where you can find most of these contracts. They are fill in the blank and many come with a video explaining what each clause in the contract means.